]> dreamlin.com - lounge http://www.dreamlin.com/taxonomy/term/22/0 en Gigs http://www.dreamlin.com/gigs <h3>Dreamlin</h3> <p><b>2013</b><br /> 27.01.13 @ Кальянная #1</p> <p><b>2012</b><br /> Friday 4 May 2012 @ Граффити<br /> Saturday 3 November 2012 @ Fabrique - Система Электронного Безумия (10 лет Electrokids)</p> <p><b>2011</b><br /> Sunday 14 August 2011 @ Граффити<br /> Sunday 6 March 2011 @ Кальянная #1 </p> <p><b>2010</b><br /> Friday 17 December 2010 @ Граффити<br /> Friday 24 September 2010 @ Граффити<br /> Saturday 17 July 2010 - Open Air<br /> 11/04/2010 @ Завод им. Вавилова, Minsk<br /> 11/04/2010 - Opening for Cherryvata @ Реактор, Minsk<br /> 08/01/2010 @ Graffiti, Minsk, Belarus</p> acid jazz chill out dj set electrojazz live lounge nujazz Tue, 02 May 2006 09:29:08 -0400 Latest gig we did not write about http://www.dreamlin.com/node/151 <p>October 25, 2008 — Electrokids 6th aniversary (feat. Medicin) @ Step </p> <p>Together with: </p> <p>Medicin (Formation, New Identity, Respect / Санкт-Петербург) — live</p> <p>DJ 33<br /> Walder b2b Sworm<br /> T-Trider &amp; Max Faustus<br /> Rog<br /> World Government (live)<br /> Diamos Roll &amp; MC Magic ZuLoO</p> <p>VJ Sini</p> acid jazz chill out dj set downtempo lounge Tue, 25 Nov 2008 07:00:41 -0500 Yet another gig http://www.dreamlin.com/node/150 <p>08/08/08 (пятница), 8:00 pm<br /> NightStar (ул.Свердлова 2, ст.м. Площадь Ленина)</p> <p>Hanz&amp;Gruber, DJ Fila, SheJay Ksana, DJ Glebov, DJ. S. Coma, DJs Grey &amp; Mayday, IKOS &amp; Max Pototsky, Lunniy Malchik &amp; Papa Bo, Max Laitov, DJ Check, Dreamlin, DiRoll (CherryVata), DJ Spencer, DJ Buster, Vjik72 (live), Gavroche, DJ Zelenkevich, DJs Yavorski &amp; Koteshov</p> <p>facecontrol / 18+<br /> Цена: 30000 / 40000 / 50000<br /> Дополнительная информация: +375 17 200–59–59<br /> Организатор: IBAD</p> acid jazz chill out dj set downtempo lounge Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:28:24 -0400 Both Dreamln and Egor play today in Minsk http://www.dreamlin.com/node/148 <p>IBAD.ru представляет Sun Parties<br /> Каждый воскресный вечер только интеллигентная музыка.</p> <p>CityBar на улице Куйбышева, дом 48</p> <p>15 июня (воскресенье)<br /> Сбор гостей в 18:00</p> <p>Dreamlin, Egor Kaway (lounge, lof-fi, downtempo)</p> acid jazz dj set downtempo lounge Sun, 15 Jun 2008 09:28:48 -0400 Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 4 http://www.dreamlin.com/node/147 <p>if this is the only thing you DL...maybe you lost out on the rest...but you would still be smilin'and enjoyin'...and the beat goes on</p> <p> thedrakester on Ponedelnik </p> <p>Vocals, mix, beat...all come together...great music, period.</p> <p> thedrakester on Prazdnik</p> <p>The best on the CD...go for it! </p> <p> thedrakester on Fort Gays</p> <p>Don't pass this by...I want more from these guys! </p> <p> thedrakester on Untitled 2</p> <p>great song...makes any day a holiday! </p> <p> thedrakester on Holidays Nice Days</p> <p>Wicked drum and Bass remix - reminds me of Nottingham Rock City around the turn of the millennium. Awesome version.</p> acid jazz breaks chill out downtempo electrojazz lounge nujazz Wed, 04 Jun 2008 03:57:21 -0400 Monday Islands EP already @ last.fm http://www.dreamlin.com/node/141 <div class="kwout" style="text-align:center;"><img src="http://kwout.com/cutout/h/3i/94/x5a_bor_rou_sha.jpg" alt="http://www.last.fm/music/Dreamlin/Monday+Islands" title="Monday Islands – Dreamlin – Music at Last.fm" width="452" height="431" style="border:none;" usemap="#kwout_h3i94x5a"/><map name="kwout_h3i94x5a" id="kwout_h3i94x5a"><area coords="180,398,219,407" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/untitled+2" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,253,145,302" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Stars+Alliance" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="5,260,56,268" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Stars+Alliance" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,355,145,404" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Pluke" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="5,362,26,370" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Pluke" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,335,273,344" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/The+Light+Of+The+Night" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="163,67,282,186" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/affiliate_sendto.php?link=catch&amp;prod=3733910&amp;pos=44207ce56d554c202f37adb3d839b2f2" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,383,236,392" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/Mystic+Ahead" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,32,131,139" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,158,131,173" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="292,105,345,116" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/affiliate_sendto.php?link=catch&amp;prod=3733910&amp;pos=269485916258695916abcf21607f6c66" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="292,119,346,127" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/affiliate_sendto.php?link=catch&amp;prod=3733910&amp;pos=269485916258695916abcf21607f6c66" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,304,205,313" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/ostrov" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,351,220,360" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/Pondelink" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="11,228,97,236" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/+similar" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="11,238,25,246" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/+similar" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="331,80,390,89" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/label/Kahvi+Records/" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,288,256,297" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/holidays+nice+days" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,406,145,422" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Vjik72" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="5,413,29,421" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Vjik72" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,320,232,329" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/birds+of+song" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="241,2,265,25" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/Monday+Islands/+tags" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="159,2,184,25" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/Monday+Islands" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="180,367,190,376" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/_/TR" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="193,2,232,25" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/Dreamlin/Monday+Islands/+fans" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="12,304,145,353" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/CherryVata" shape="rect" alt=""/><area coords="5,311,47,319" href="http://www.lastfm.jp/music/CherryVata" shape="rect" alt=""/></map><p style="text-align:center;margin-top:10px;"><a href="http://www.last.fm/music/Dreamlin/Monday+Islands">Monday Islands – Dreamlin – Music at Last.fm</a> via <a href="http://kwout.com/quote/h3i94x5a">kwout</a></p> acid jazz chill out downtempo electrojazz lounge mp3 nujazz Mon, 10 Mar 2008 14:16:40 -0400 Nex gig for Dreamlin http://www.dreamlin.com/node/140 <p><center><a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/adekvatus/2274172824/" title="22 феврая - презентация альбома группы Cherryvata в клубе Step by adekvat.us, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2397/2274172824_f73b89733a.jpg" width="353" height="500" alt="22 феврая - презентация альбома группы Cherryvata в клубе Step" /></a></center></p> acid jazz chill out downtempo electrojazz live lounge nujazz Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:22:08 -0500 Next gig in Minsk: http://www.dreamlin.com/node/137 <div style="background-color:white; border: 1px dotted peru;"><img src=http://electrokids.org/img/ee6.gif width=350 height=350 align=right alt=''>25 января (пятница), 18:30 - 22:30<br /> Клуб "Дакота" (бывшая #Клетка#, ул. П. Бровки 22)</p> <p>1й танцпол:<br /> <b>Dreamlin</b> (easy listening)<br /> <b>Vjik72</b> (soul breaks)<br /> <b>Алексей Светлов</b> (house)<br /> <b>b_twisted</b> (idm, minimal / live)</p> <p>2й танцпол:<br /> <b>Walder</b> (atmospheric dnb, soulful)<br /> <b>T-Trider</b> (nu jump up)<br /> <b>Rog</b> (soulful)<br /> <b>Murzillah</b> (breaks)</p> <p>Цена: 5000 (вход <b>только</b> по предварительной записи)</p> acid jazz chill out electrojazz live lounge nujazz Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:22:15 -0500 Create a new video for us at Kaltura http://www.dreamlin.com/node/134 <p><center><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" allowNetworking="all" height="340" width="400" data="http://www.kaltura.com/index.php/widget/139485/-1/6/2"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="allowNetworking" value="all" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.kaltura.com/index.php/widget/139485/-1/6/2"/></object></center><br /> At this site you can edit any video. You can add a clip (a movie, photo or sound) for others to edit or you can edit the video yourself with their video editor. </p> <p>We're trying this with a track from our upcoming EP.</p> chill out downtempo lounge Thu, 10 Jan 2008 12:46:07 -0500 Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 2. http://www.dreamlin.com/node/130 <p>“great atmospherical sounds. i like the use of guitar about it. whispers!”</p> <p>A recommendation by robida to Love Me Or Leave Me (Karp Guitar)</p> <p>“Skillful scratching and a jazzy tune - nice lounge”</p> <p>A recommendation by blueghozt to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)</p> <p>“This is a cool song. It's nice and chill. Plus it's great to hear some awesome scratching.”</p> <p>A recommendation by novox to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)</p> <p>“These guys continue to create some great music...best of this new album as they tease us with a new(remix or not) song every other day or so...just keep it coming, is all I ask!”</p> acid jazz breaks chill out downtempo drumandbass electrojazz house lounge mp3 nujazz Thu, 15 Nov 2007 08:30:37 -0500 A video wannabe to Untitled 2. http://www.dreamlin.com/node/125 <p><embed style="width:400px; height:326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=3897671323637612503&amp;hl=en" flashvars=""> </embed><br /> <a href=http://videospectr.ru/>The guys who made the video</a>.</p> acid jazz chill out downtempo lounge nujazz Tue, 28 Aug 2007 07:43:19 -0400 Amie Street is not just music, it's also reviews to our tunes. http://www.dreamlin.com/node/123 <p>“This has certainly made my wishlist full. The song has a degree of depth that is entrancing to listen to. With each second the song takes you deeper into a atmosphere that is melodic and euphoric. Great song!”</p> <p>A recommendation by jasp31 for WishList</p> <p>“Very nice loungey tune, with a jazzy influence and great rap vocals.”</p> <p>A recommendation by skoop for Bit Mountain</p> <p>“My favorite song in a beautiful album.”</p> <p>A recommendation by orpolo for Love Me Or Leave Me</p> <p>“Real slick track, smooth and ethereal. The sound is nice and open allowing your thoughts to meander along a positive vibe.”</p> chill out lounge mp3 nujazz Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:20:06 -0400 Almost forgot, we also play here: http://www.dreamlin.com/node/120 <p><img src=http://electrokids.org/img/tutti_frutti.jpg width=480 height=332 alt=''></p> <p>2 июля (понедельник перед государственным праздником), 23:00 – 05:30<br /> Клуб Step (Притыцкого 62, ст. м. Кунцевщина)</p> <p>Играют:</p> <li>Спокойно:<br /> <b>Vjik72</b> feat. <b>Anvil</b> (гитара) и секретные барабанщики (soul breaks)<br /> <b>Dreamlin</b> (easy listening)</p> <li>Breaks:<br /> <b>Vjik72</b> (старая школа)<br /> <b>Murzillah</b> (новая школа)</p> <li>Drumandbass:<br /> <b>T-Trider</b> feat. <b>Max Faustus</b> (скрипка)</p> acid jazz breaks chill out downtempo electrojazz live lounge nujazz Thu, 28 Jun 2007 13:40:11 -0400