acid jazz

Set list @ Yo-Yo

тема валуева
untitled 2
roop bass
love me or leave me
alien speech (scratch version)
Upside Dawn
BM (Cherry Light Mix)
voyage to the sacred planet
sun way
suicidal orchestra

09/09/06 @ YoYo, Minsk

Together with the following acts:

Координаты Чудес vs. ..?™ (idm)
Stars Alliance (lounge)
CH (trip-hop)

dj support:
& Murzillah (darkside chanson)

Set List for the set in Grodno

Fort Gays
alien speech +scratch
BM (Cherry Light Mix)
voyage to the sacred planet
grs m
ship i tresk
TLOTN insect mix
ashly beedly (SA remix)
summer song
san way
holydays — nice days
BM (Cherry HardTrip Mix)

1/09/06 — playing in Grodno

Here is the line-up of the artists for the night:
- Dreamlin (Minsk, Live, Electrokids)
- Tforzki (Minsk, Live, Breaks-Electro)
- CH (Electrofood, Live)
- K.160 (Electrofood, Live)
- Orange (Trance)
- Graf_X (Pumping House)

Song lyrics for Stars Alliance – Праздник

Stars Alliance – Праздник

We played this song as Dreamlin some times. And it might appaear on the next album by Dreamlin.

Music: Дениc Корабков
Lyrics: Егор Куновcкий
Voice: Аня Лазаревич

Слова сейчас, а сам трек, наверно, завтра.


сверху по ступенькам не успеть на праздник
кто не знает слова не расскажет сказку
кто тебе покажет как вздыхают волны
кто тебе расскажет почему не полный

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