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Collaps Records
Gizmo Lab Records
SHUM Records (discogs) and official site, in Russian.
56 Stuff

In Russian: Electronic.Music.Promo.Belarus.
SHUM Records: label where our first album was released on CD and where we appeared on several compilations.
No real relation to us, just a label in Russia with nice music.
Cherryvata - the best electronic band in Belarus. Atleast we think so. a site with reviews to nice music, books and local events in Minsk, Belarus. Egor runs it.
Dj One A DJ + russian DJ-portal + virtual DJ school on CD.
RelaxMusic: мир живой и электронной музыки Информация о музыкальных направлениях downtempo, chillout, trip hop, easy listening, lounge, idm, liquid funk, deep house, minimal techno: последние альбомы и синглы, интервью с музыкантами, полезные ссылки, коллекция аудиофайлов.

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The ultimate resource for music with lyrics in belarussian

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