Don't kill us, but we sell mp3s of our music. The player of the shop is to the right of this and every other page of the site.

Not all of our tracks are for sale, of course, but the free download links will give you just part of our music. And not the best one.

Below you can find the links to some of the sites that have our music for free. And check your iTunes or whatever online store you are using for our album.

Dreamlin vs. Kaufkasette — Reduktion
P-Vibes + Dreamlin + T-Trider — Pong6’s Voyage Tо The Sacred Planet

Dreamlin - Bit Mountain (Cherry Light Mix)

olive [5.03mb]
bit mountain [2.80mb] @

TLOTN (Luna:r Mix)
The Light Of The Night (Guitar Mix by Synthetic Dreams)
No Computers! (remix for Tic Tok Men)
Todavia Si @

Reduktion (remix for Adelii / Kaufkasette) @ (the site allows downloads only for people from ex-USSR)

Anin Planetari

Digital Angel lo hi
No Computers! lo hi
Reduktion lo hi
The Light Of The Night (Superstorm) lo hi

Upside Dawn @

Upside Dawn @

Reduktion @