Without Thinking. Lyrics.

Lyrics by: Egor Kunovsky
Voice: Avalo

every page of every story
turning back hopes to control me
plays its role without thinking
plays majestic olive chords
grave as green when second’s turning
stunned to death to metronome me
watch my dance without thinking
water is drained, I hear no words
uniformed, official duty
trying hard to overcute me
takes my time without thinking
jigsaw puzzles tear apart
record stores and basement ceilings
it takes zillions to believe me
candels burn without thinking
watching sparkles makes me sad
morning comes when you unlabel
I am late again: please blame me
when we talk without thinking
sun is yellower than grass
girlish stains that come so creamy
when I talk my way to free me
prearrange without thinking
I’ll recite the void lines