Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 3.

“This has certainly made my wishlist full. The song has a degree of depth that is entrancing to listen to. With each second the song takes you deeper into a atmosphere that is melodic and euphoric. Great song!”

A recommendation by jasp31 to WishList

“The original Olive is a fairly chilled, latin influenced drum & bass track. For the re-rub here the attitude and pace are cranked up, the latin theme dropped for something altogether more techy to create a spacier, harder tune. Fierce and fabulous . . .”

A recommendation by AdamP to Olive (Brutus Mix)

“Nice down tempo groove that makes me relax.”

A recommendation by Prem0 to Absurdity

“Trippy, bubbley, more pyschadelic rework of the original track. Quite floaty with toned-down beats. Moozik for sub-aqua space-headz . . .”

A recommendation by AdamP to The Light Of The Night (Synthetic Dreams Mix)

“DL this now...this is only their 2nd album and this isn't the finished these tracks could be a collectible later...we all already know its fabulous”

A recommendation by thedrakester to Birds Of Song

“I went find more of this artist...this is their unofficial internet only release until the final production is released...this could be a collectors item, musically..check them out on wikipedia if you don't believe me”

A recommendation by thedrakester to Birds Of Song