Some words on our track Olive.

The track itself can me found at Or the 30 seconds at napster: Olive

@ raw42:

«Olive» Chillout/Lounge
warbling synth line opens this feel good track up. based around melodic synths and fairly frantic percussive based beats its a sure toe tapper.


Its like i got atacked by a conga sqaud.. I dig it.. Its kind like sped up breaky deep house...i truly love it keep up the good work. I give you a ten for outstanding audio quality!

Sounds like inbetween jazz-rock and dnb, mixed with some «mouse from mars» sounds.

Hello mate, Like the tune in general, Nice drums and pans. It give me a feel of comedy!! I don’t no weather that was on purpose or not but it works!!! Only thing i would say is that the mix sounds a bit thin on the low freq. Good tune.

i am feeling the comedy too, almost like the END of the cocktaial party.. ha ha i think it is surprisingly upbeat, and i really like the drums. there is complexity in them that you dont hear alot of times, just little flourishes that indicate you were thinking of that. i almost wish i could hear the rythm track under a completely different style of song. something more like KODO perhaps. i can not say i comprehend the loungy piano thing, so i wont critique it, but i do enjoy this one, so i will say… nice job