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I love this world, really.
There is a new type of device launched, like, yesterday. With the following characteristics:

MusicGremlin Portable Wi-Fi Device
Download music on the go—no wires, no waiting, no PC.

* Revolutionary Direct-to-Device™ technology—only computer-free, wireless download technology of its kind
* Access 2 million digital tracks and growing wherever you are—via MusicGremlin Direct™ music service
* Connect to MusicGremlin and to other users – wirelessly
* Simple, intuitive navigation and content management

Kahvi #181: Randomajestiq / Artkillah

Another friend of ours got a new release. Here is what the label writes about it:

Its been a while since we've heard anything from the Belarussian artist Randomajestiq but he's crept in upon us once again with a new ep. Six tracks of the usual classy RM styling and production, dark and moody (artkillah) to more upbeat tempos and catchy melody (magic carpet). A whole range of different styles are covered here - something for everybody.


Don't kill us, but we sell mp3s of our music. The player of the shop is to the right of this and every other page of the site.

Not all of our tracks are for sale, of course, but the free download links will give you just part of our music. And not the best one.

Below you can find the links to some of the sites that have our music for free. And check your iTunes or whatever online store you are using for our album.

Dreamlin vs. Kaufkasette — Reduktion
P-Vibes + Dreamlin + T-Trider — Pong6’s Voyage Tо The Sacred Planet

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