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Another promo-page

Can be found here. It's in Russian, but you can find one of the not so common and new tracks of ours there.

Kahvi #181: Randomajestiq / Artkillah

Another friend of ours got a new release. Here is what the label writes about it:

Its been a while since we've heard anything from the Belarussian artist Randomajestiq but he's crept in upon us once again with a new ep. Six tracks of the usual classy RM styling and production, dark and moody (artkillah) to more upbeat tempos and catchy melody (magic carpet). A whole range of different styles are covered here - something for everybody.


Stone People at

Well, since we started on giving links to the music of our friends at, here comes another band that I've been kind of managing for some time.

And their only album that got released.

Still nice breakbeat after all these years. And of course any tags added at the page are more than appreciated.

Some words on our track Olive.

The track itself can me found at Or the 30 seconds at napster: Olive

@ raw42:

«Olive» Chillout/Lounge
warbling synth line opens this feel good track up. based around melodic synths and fairly frantic percussive based beats its a sure toe tapper.


Its like i got atacked by a conga sqaud.. I dig it.. Its kind like sped up breaky deep house...i truly love it keep up the good work. I give you a ten for outstanding audio quality!

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