Set List for the set in Grodno

Fort Gays
alien speech +scratch
BM (Cherry Light Mix)
voyage to the sacred planet
grs m
ship i tresk
TLOTN insect mix
ashly beedly (SA remix)
summer song
san way
holydays — nice days
BM (Cherry HardTrip Mix)

1/09/06 — playing in Grodno

Here is the line-up of the artists for the night:
- Dreamlin (Minsk, Live, Electrokids)
- Tforzki (Minsk, Live, Breaks-Electro)
- CH (Electrofood, Live)
- K.160 (Electrofood, Live)
- Orange (Trance)
- Graf_X (Pumping House)

2 nice local artists

There are 2 nice projects from belarus, 4kuba and Access Denied that showed really nice sales this week on (It was places 10 and 11 if you wisit this site next week.)

Next gig

FUN in the SUN

July 29 23:00–6:00 @ "DreamLand"

dj Gekco (ZYX Records / Mannheim.DE)
dj Gavroche (IBAD / Krakow.PL)
dj A. S. Shpak (Jakatta / SPb.RU)
Dreamlin (Electrokids / BY)

Fire & GoGo Show
Video-projections from

Contribution: 15000 blr. Facecontrol: 18+
Info: 2506127, GSM 6139506

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Egor Kaway - that's me as a DJ.
The Playfellow - breakbeat from Polotsk, a small city in Belarus.
Cherryvata - one of the best bands ever :)

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