Next gig where Egor plays is:


12 января (суббота), 22:00 - 05:30
клуб Step (Притыцкого 62, ст. м. Кунцевщина)

22:00 - 00:00 easy evening pre-party:
Diamos Roll (nu jazz)
Egor Kaway (nu breaks)
Murzillah (nu rave)

00:00 - 05:30 drumandbass act:
Rog feat. Oleg Bo (саксофон)
T-Trider feat. Max Faustus (скрипка)
Sidewalk & iO

Цена: 15000 (предварительно), 17000 (на месте до 23:00), 19000 (на месте после 23:00)

Egor's Next Gig Is:

december 15

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Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 2.

“great atmospherical sounds. i like the use of guitar about it. whispers!”

A recommendation by robida to Love Me Or Leave Me (Karp Guitar)

“Skillful scratching and a jazzy tune - nice lounge”

A recommendation by blueghozt to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“This is a cool song. It's nice and chill. Plus it's great to hear some awesome scratching.”

A recommendation by novox to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“These guys continue to create some great of this new album as they tease us with a new(remix or not) song every other day or so...just keep it coming, is all I ask!”

Next gig:

06/11/07 — 5 years Electrokids: part one @ Step

5 years Electrokids: part one
25 years Murzillah

6 ноября (вторник перед праздником), 22:00 - 06:00
Клуб Step (ул. Притыцкого 62, ст. м. Кунцевщина)

22:00 - 23:30 easy evening pre-party:
Dreamlin (easy listening / live)
Vjik72 feat. Anvil (soul breaks / live)

23:30 - 06:00 drumandbass act:
DJ 33 (Витебск)
Vertical Movement (Могилёв)

Egor and Denis play here:

CЭБ pre-party

25 сентября (вторник), 19.00 — 23.00
клуб "Алькатраз" (пр-т Независимости 25, ст. м. Октябрьская)

DJ 33 (Витебск / breaks + drum'n'bass)
Red Groove (electroclash)
Алексей Светлов (electrotrance)
T-Trider (drum'n'bass)
Murzillah vs. Egor Kaway (8 bit vs. bastard pop)

Цена: 3000
Инфолиния: 6385796, 1276667
Организатор: electrokids

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