October 7: Easy Evening 2 (re:fresh)

Playing on October 7, 2006 at Yo-Yo in Minsk. The party is called «Easy Evening 2 (re:fresh)». Together with:

Diamos Roll (Cherryvata / nu jazz)
Dreamlin (easy listening)
Vjik72 (soulbreaks)
Shangri-La (chill-out)
O. W. L (trance, breaks)
iO (drumfunk)
T-Trider (dnb)
Murzillah (breaks)
Egor Kaway (freestyle)

More info can be found here.

Set list @ Yo-Yo

тема валуева
untitled 2
roop bass
love me or leave me
alien speech (scratch version)
Upside Dawn
BM (Cherry Light Mix)
voyage to the sacred planet
sun way
suicidal orchestra

09/09/06 @ YoYo, Minsk

Together with the following acts:

Координаты Чудес vs. ..?™ (idm)
Stars Alliance (lounge)
CH (trip-hop)

dj support:
& Murzillah (darkside chanson)

First video on YouTube

Too much compression, heh?