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Egor Kaway - that's me as a DJ.
The Playfellow - breakbeat from Polotsk, a small city in Belarus.
Cherryvata - one of the best bands ever :)

All Egor's DJ sets to date.

Below are all the dates when Egor aka Egor Kaway aka E.gor DJ-ed somewhere under his own nick and not playing just music by Dreamlin.
The nick was changed to Egor Kaway back in 2005 and in fact his first sets were back nobody knows when, it's only in 2003 when it was finally decided that Egor would get some DJ nick and appear on flyers.

11/04/2010 - День Космонавтики @ Завод им. Вавилова, Минск
27/03/2010 - I love Facebook party @ Граффити, Minsk
13/02/2010 - 7 ЛЕТ EUTHANASIA @ Завод им. Вавилова, Минск
08/01/2010 @ Graffiti, Minsk, Belarus

Testing a new format

Egor Eduardovich Kunovsky
Electrokids / MoveYourWeb
Karbysheva 9
Minsk, Minsk, 220119 Belarus

Shum Records site is back

Another friend to link to: Vadim Key

He also started a page at
The page features a bio in russian and a breaks mix to download.
A mix with the following tracklist: