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Руccкий вариант cайта теперь находится вот тут: dreamlin.info

People say we are:

2000s acid jazz belarus breakbeat breaktrance
broken beat chill out chillout club-dance electronica dance
dnb downtempo drum n bass easy going easy listening electrojazz electronic electronica hip hop house idm jazzy jazz fusion jungle lounge male vocals melodic trance nu jazz nu-jazz soft synth-pop trip hop

And that is how we and our album artwork looks:

c4 kawakeup dreamlin_album dreamlin step мост Fwd: cover 2 oops fwd: cover var river dreamlin dreamlin

First attempt in making some merchandise

They ship worldwide and we already wear similar things sometimes.

Egor's Next Gig Is:

december 15

Originally uploaded by adekvat.us

Banner for our latest gig.

e e 4 @ ё ё

e e 4 @ ё ё
Originally uploaded by e_gor.
drunk party people :)

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