Next Gig. Both members of the band are playing.

День рождения Егора "Kaway" Куновского
1 февраля (пятница), 18:30 — 22:30

На 2х танцполах клуба "Дакота" (бывшая #Клетка#, ул. П. Бровки 22)
drumandbass от:
Subway Funk

breaks и nu rave от:
Vadim Key
Egor Kaway

специальные живые выступления от:
Diamos Roll + MС Magic Zuloo

Next gig in Minsk:

25 января (пятница), 18:30 - 22:30
Клуб "Дакота" (бывшая #Клетка#, ул. П. Бровки 22)

1й танцпол:
Dreamlin (easy listening)
Vjik72 (soul breaks)
Алексей Светлов (house)
b_twisted (idm, minimal / live)

2й танцпол:
Walder (atmospheric dnb, soulful)
T-Trider (nu jump up)
Rog (soulful)
Murzillah (breaks)

Цена: 5000 (вход только по предварительной записи)

Tracklist and cover for upcoming "Monday Islands" EP

Here is the tracklist to our upcoming EP "Monday Islands" coming out at Kahvi Commercial :


1. Holidays Nice Days
2. Ostrov
3. Birds of Song
4. The Light Of The Night (OVO Equivalent)
5. Ponedelnik
6. TR
7. Mystic Ahead
8. Untitled 2

And while it is not out yet you can get 5 of 8 tracks from the EP free from another album of ours at Untitled 2last.fm

Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 3.

“This has certainly made my wishlist full. The song has a degree of depth that is entrancing to listen to. With each second the song takes you deeper into a atmosphere that is melodic and euphoric. Great song!”

A recommendation by jasp31 to WishList

“The original Olive is a fairly chilled, latin influenced drum & bass track. For the re-rub here the attitude and pace are cranked up, the latin theme dropped for something altogether more techy to create a spacier, harder tune. Fierce and fabulous . . .”

A recommendation by AdamP to Olive (Brutus Mix)

“Nice down tempo groove that makes me relax.”

Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 2.

“great atmospherical sounds. i like the use of guitar about it. whispers!”

A recommendation by robida to Love Me Or Leave Me (Karp Guitar)

“Skillful scratching and a jazzy tune - nice lounge”

A recommendation by blueghozt to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“This is a cool song. It's nice and chill. Plus it's great to hear some awesome scratching.”

A recommendation by novox to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“These guys continue to create some great music...best of this new album as they tease us with a new(remix or not) song every other day or so...just keep it coming, is all I ask!”

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