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Nex gig for Dreamlin

22 феврая - презентация альбома группы Cherryvata в клубе Step

Next gig in Minsk:

25 января (пятница), 18:30 - 22:30
Клуб "Дакота" (бывшая #Клетка#, ул. П. Бровки 22)

1й танцпол:
Dreamlin (easy listening)
Vjik72 (soul breaks)
Алексей Светлов (house)
b_twisted (idm, minimal / live)

2й танцпол:
Walder (atmospheric dnb, soulful)
T-Trider (nu jump up)
Rog (soulful)
Murzillah (breaks)

Цена: 5000 (вход только по предварительной записи)

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Amie Street is not just music. Reviews part 2.

“great atmospherical sounds. i like the use of guitar about it. whispers!”

A recommendation by robida to Love Me Or Leave Me (Karp Guitar)

“Skillful scratching and a jazzy tune - nice lounge”

A recommendation by blueghozt to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“This is a cool song. It's nice and chill. Plus it's great to hear some awesome scratching.”

A recommendation by novox to Alien Speech (Scratch Mix)

“These guys continue to create some great music...best of this new album as they tease us with a new(remix or not) song every other day or so...just keep it coming, is all I ask!”

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