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A pretty old one, they have already put it in the back of their archives and lost all the pictures. But still gives some information.

Interview with Egor of Dreamlin

Born: January 31, 1980

Years spinning: Not sure really, been DJing back in high school at school parties, then paused for a couple of years, then I guess, nonstop since 1998.

Music types: Lounge and Downtempo, Nu-Breaks, Funky Breaks, Breakbeat, Bastard Pop,Mash-Ups, Latin and Vocal Drum'n'Bass, Electro

Influences: When it comes to producing our own music, it's: Fugees, FatBoy Slim, 9 lazy 9, Manu Chao, U. N. K.L.E., MeatBeat Manifesto, dj Shadow, and Beastie Boys. And Norman Cook when it comes to DJing. The latest discoveries in the world of DJing for me where Ramilson Maia (Brasil) and The Phat Conductor (Canada).

Napster is free. Atleast the first 30 secods of it.

Since Napster says it's free now, everyone can play a little music of ours online. It's 5 plays of compelte tracks for US citizens and 30 seconds of each track for the rest of the world. Want more - you have to find someone from US and make them buy it for you. Or you can buy it yourself if you are a US citizen yourself already.
The Color Of The City [Album] - this will open in a new window and show you come ad, beware.

It's official.

ready steady go
Originally uploaded by e_gor.
off we go.

CDs, CD-Rs and Digital Downloads

As you migh expect it to be, the list that we have at discogs is not complete. There here small CD-R labels releases and nither the labels nor fans did not care that much about discogs. There were releases in compilations at ampcast and, there I myself would ot consider to be important enough to list them outside of the band website. And there are new releases that are waiting in the discogs queue.

Anyway, here is the list:

Digital Angel (Dreamlin mix) (02:43)
@ disfony — Digital Angel
© 2001 (USA)

Dreamlin / No Computers (02:40)